Amun-her-khepeshef was the son of Pharaoh Rameses II, the grandson of Seti I and Tuya and the adoptive nephew of Moses. I kill you want me Second Ashley's murder case

He was first seen when Moses, returned from the wilderness of the Midian desert because Moses had to tell Rameses that God came to him and told him to tell Rameses to let the Hebrew slaves go. Moses was delighted to see Rameses and his position as the Pharaoh of Egypt and of his son. After Moses told Rameses God's message, Rameses refused to believe Moses and when Moses showed the power of the Lord God through a miracle of his staff turning into a snake, Rameses had his magicians Hotep and Huy duplicate the miracle (although their snakes were swallowed by Moses' snake and his serpent returned to a staff). After that Rameses took Moses to his throne room, and thinking that God's message was a joke, asked Moses what his return was really about. Moses then showed Rameses the Hebrew slaves and asked him what he saw and Rameses misinterpreted it and said it was a greater kingdom than that of his father while Moses said it was a kingdom made from slaves. Rameses said that he couldn't change what Moses saw and that he is responsible for his father's crown. Moses told Rameses that his father was a monster whose hands bore the blood of thousands of innocent baby children and like his father Seti, Rameses saw the Hebrews as insignificant slaves while Moses finally revealed they were his people who were suffering at his hands. Rameses is shocked when Moses revealed that he returned only to free the Hebrews and his heart is hardened when Moses gives back the ring that Rameses gave him as a childhood. Rameses then rises from his throne and says he doesn't know Moses' God and he will not let his people go free. Moses pleads with Rameses to listen but Rameses says he won't be the "weak link in the chain" (a phrase harshly used by his father) and tells Moses his people's workload has been doubled thanks to him. Later, when Moses has the confidence to face Rameses and by God's power unleashes the First Plague of Blood on the Nile River; Amun-her-khepeshef, Rameses son, is shocked by the Plague while his father Rameses is unconvinced by it. Further in the movie while the Second Plague of Frogs, the Third Plague of Gnats, the Fourth Plague of Flies, the Fifth Plague of Livestock, the Sixth Plague of Boils, the Seventh Plague of Hail, the Eighth Plague of Locusts, and the Ninth Plague of Darkness come to Egypt Amun-her-khepeshef is present and looking with horror at what the Plagues are doing to Egypt. When Moses goes to warn Rameses about the Last Plague and how it will be the worst of them all, Amun-her-khepeshef appears and recongnizes Moses as the man who unleashed the Plagues and through and argument of his father and his uncle Amun learns the terrible truth of his grandfather Seti and backs away scared. Soon at night, God sends the Tenth Plague of the Death Angel or the "destroyer" to kill every firstborn son except the firstborn of the Hebrews since Moses told them to mark their door posts with lamb's blood. Amun-her-khepeshef' life is taken by the Angel of Death along with the rest of the Egyptians' firstborn. After placing his son on a table and covering him with a cloth for Egyptian burial, Rameses finally tells Moses that his people can go at once. After leaving, Moses weeps for his dead nephew and for all the pain he caused his foster brother and the innocent and his former home.