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"Let my people go! -Moses's most famous quote

Moses is the main protagonist of the DreamWorks animated film The Prince Of Egypt, which was released in mid-December 1998. He is the son of Amram Yocheved, the younger brother of Miriam and Aaron, the husband of Tzipporah, the brother-in-law of Ephorah, Ajolidoforah, and Jethrodiadah, the foster son of Seti and Tuya, the foster brother of Rameses II, and the deliverer of the Hebrews.


Moses has a wig and Egyptian jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet and ring. He also has a skirt. He is tall.[]


Sent Down the Nile[]

When Moses was a little baby, his mother, brother Aaron, and sister Miriam have to run from the Egyptian Warriors. They run and are able to go to a riverbed on the Nile River. His mother sent him down the Nile and went back to her hovel with Aaron and Miriam.


Moses was found by Queen Tuya, Seti I's wife. Immediately, she welcomed him into the Royal Family. Ramesses II noticed Moses and was curious of how he came to be there all of a sudden. They then told Pharaoh.



Moses as an adult continued to be a royal snob but this all changed one night. That night, he met a beautiful but sassy Midianite girl named Zipporah. She tells him that he does not deserve any respect at all. He pushes her into a pond in the grand hall and leaves. Tuya is ashamed of him for doing this. Moses soon goes to his room finding his dogs tied together and a rope hanging out his window. he follows to find Tzipporah scrambling out to return to her home in the desert.

Following Zipporah leads Moses to see Miriam and Aaron, for whom he doesn't remember because he was too young at the time.

The Difference[]

Moses soon hears Miriam singing the same song is mother sang to him when he was sent down the Nile. He runs to the temple, his home, in anguish. Queen Tuya explains how they "adopted" him. He believes her but then readies to leave for the desert. He goes to the desert and finds Tzipporah's village. The family welcomes him after he saved three young girls from theives. After a little while, him and Tzipporah get married.