Seti I sphinx

This is the sphinx that Seti I had made to represent how powerful he was. The slaves all worked on his monument for years until it was destroyed.

Seti I Edit

"Ramesses' claim that he was crowned king by Seti, even as a child in his arms [in the Dedicatory Inscription], is highly self-serving and open to question although his description of his role as crown prince is more accurate...The most reliable and concrete portion of this statement is the enumeration of Ramesses' titles as eldest king's son and heir apparent, well attested in sources contemporary with Seti's reign."

- Brand, The Monuments of Seti I, p.316
Seti must be said to be the villain of this film., even after his own death. He more or less breaks his som, Ramesses, in spirit and makes this one strive to be little more than continuation of his father, talking in cliches gotten from his old man.. Ramesses is an antagonist rather then a villain.

The Death of the ChildrenEdit

Seti I was a powerful leader of the Ancient Egyptians. During his reign, he enslaved the Hebrews and he had all the children born to the Hebrews thrown into the Nile River for making sure that the Israelites did not multiply and try to overthrow the Egyptians. He adopted Moses (a Hebrew baby that was saved from the Nile River by his mother) with his son,Rameses II and his wife, Queen Tuya, he was also the most proud king of Egypt.

Heir and DeathEdit

He had made his son Rameses II Prince Regent and later Pharaoh even before he himself died. He did eventually die after his adopted son, Moses, escaped to find who he really was,(probaly due to grief). Seti did die and was buried in the Valley of the Kings in around 1279 BC.


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