"Come Rameses we are going to show Pharaoh your new baby brother, Moses." - Tuya after adopting Moses.

A mural depicting Moses and Rameses as children with their parents

A mural depicting the royal family playing together (Tuya bottom right).

Tuya comforting Moses

Tuya comforting Moses.

Tuya adopting Moses

Tuya adopting Moses.

Tuya was the queen of Egypt and the wife of Seti. She was the mother of Rameses II and she adopted Moses after saving him from the Nile when he was a baby.

She is very loving and cares for her sons (especially Moses) and everyone. Warmhearted and broadminded she openly shows shame and embarrassment when her sons humiliate an arabic slave-girl named Tzipporah. She probably never learns that this slave-girl will become her daughter-in-law.

When Moses found out that he was a Hebrew, Tuya comforted him. After that she isn't seen anymore, leaving the viewer to assume that she may have passed away sometime between Moses fleeing Egypt and his return.


English - Helen Mirren (speaking), Linda Dee Shayne (singing)

Brazilian Portuguese - Geisa Vidal

Bulgarian - Sylvia Loulcheva

Croatian - Sanja Dolezal


  • In the Jewish Bible, the Pharaoh's daughter, Bithiah adopted Moses not his wife.
  • In the Islamic Bible, She is Pharaoh's wife but her name is Asiya.
  • According to Josephus, her name was Thermuthis.