Tzipporah was the daughter of Jethro and the wife of MosesEdit

Tzipporah is the deuteragonist was born in Midian. She had three little sisters Ephora, Ajolidoforah, and Jethrodiadah. As a person she is proud.brave, principled and temperamental but basically kind and warmhearted.When she was around 20 years old she somehow got captured and sent to Egypt. The High Priest attempted to give her to Rameses as his concubine but he gave her to Moses due to her nearly biting his hand. She escaped from Moses' balcony and instead of having her arrested, Moses distracted the guards so that she could escape. She made it safely back to her home in Midian. And after Moses ran away from Egypt she married him. She went with Moses when he returned to Egypt where she stood by him and supported him. She also crossed the Red Sea with the Hebrews.

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